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  I think and dream in stories, and I'm always writing, whether it be in a journal, in the Notes app on my phone, or in my head. There's a message for a speaking engagement, encouragement for girls or teachers, a post for social media... something! Always!

Interested in writing a book?

Need help getting started?

Need help through the writing process?

Completed your body of work and need a final edit?


 Obtaining a degree in Journalism was one the most instinctive moves I’ve made in life. It would’ve been uncharacteristic of me to do anything else with the love I have for the English language and my natural gift with words.

“I’m not even comfortable moving forward without having your eyes on it.”

Cecelia, Author

“How did the first editor miss all this? I’m so glad I made the move to work with you.”

Marc, School Principal


I’m just a girl who’s called to empower other girls. I count it an honor.

  • School Assemblies (Calling All Girls)

  • Girl Scout Troops

  • Cheer Teams

  • Dance Teams

  • Girl Clubs

  • Church Youth Groups

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Stories That Teach Girls Tour Coming Soon to YOUR group!

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