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Teacher of the Gospel.


National Academic Consultant. 

New Teacher Trainer.




Whether in the classroom, on stage, or in the pages of one of her books, Iantha has dedicated her existence to imparting wisdom into people's lives so they can become the best version of themselves. 


When Iantha isn’t traveling to teach new teachers or host book talks, she can be found spending time with her sister-friends or in the quiet of her home, preparing for an appearance, reading a life-changing book, or in prayer and study of God’s Word.




Academic papers.


Social media posts.

Business literature.

Every written body of work needs an assessment from a professional set of eyes before it's published for public consumption. Iantha finds great joy in being that set of eyes.


Known in her writers circles as the Grammar Guru, her natural knack for words and love for "the art of writing" is hard to miss. She often says, "I don't care what kind of work it is, I will find the error." 

Although Iantha takes editing projects by request, most of her editing and writing coaching is done as a Literary BAE.




I’m just a girl who’s called to empower other girls. I count it an honor.

  • School Assemblies (Calling All Girls)

  • Girl Scout Troops

  • Cheer Teams

  • Dance Teams

  • Sororities

  • Church Youth Groups

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Relationships can make or break you. 

You choose.

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