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June 8th Session
with Iantha

Pregnant with Purpose
Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing

Today was quite a kick-off to the course! Whew!

Knowing that you're pregnant with purpose, carrying life in you that someone needs, is sobering. It's our prayer that a fire was ignited in you to take your very specific call seriously. Someone needs what you have. If you choose to publish the traditional way or execute self-publishing, none of it happens until you WRITE.

Remember, you get out of the course what you put in. Attending each session is important, but be sure to take care of the post-session homework assignments too.

Iantha assigned the following: 

  1. Examine your weekly schedule.

  2. Plug at least 4 hours into your schedule this week for planning and/or writing.

  3. Come with at least 1 question for Karolyne next week. She's a 10-time author and writing coach (writing process) who is well versed in the process for landing a traditional book deal. 

  4. Explore and familiarize yourself with the platform.

  5. Explore self-publishing platforms and see what may work best for you. (Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes & Noble Press, Rakuten Kobo, Apple Books, Draft2Digital, Smashwords)

What Did You Think?

Today's session was worth my time.
I learned at least 1 thing that I didn't know before.
I feel like I could take what was presented and apply it on my own.
After today's session, I'm more motivated than I was before to get moving with my writing.
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